The Art of Alley Cat

I have been bad. When I started this blog back in October (10-4 to be exact) I intended to share equal amounts ephemera and CB radio history. However, over the past few months I got distracted by the other stuff in my collection and ignored a big part of my obsession. Starting today I willContinue reading “The Art of Alley Cat”

Newport Resort Motel – Miami Beach, Florida

The Newport Resort Motel in the Sunny Isles area of Miami Beach opened in 1967. From the beginning, the Newport was designed with the hip, young crowd in mind. The verso on their first postcard says: A swingin’ new way of life! C’mon down to the “in” place…it’s the lively one. 21″ Color TV &Continue reading “Newport Resort Motel – Miami Beach, Florida”

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