The Smorgasphere™

The rotary Smorgasphere™ was intended to revolutionize the concept of smorgasbords. The Smorgasphere™ was intended to keep food fresh and hot with a rotating buffet. The Smorgasphere™ was intended to bring the future to the late 1960s. The Smorgasphere™ was the future. In 1966, Donald Wulff, owner of Don’s Colonial House restaurant in Manteno, Illinois came up withContinue reading “The Smorgasphere™”

Everything is Crowded

Mailed from Florida to Mr. & Mrs. William Sullivan of Mt. Holly, New Jersey on November 29, 1972: Ate here after seeing the Cardinals and a Jap team play baseball. Sure picked good weather – cold, cloudy & rained for 12 days. Got 2 free newspapers. Everything is crowded. Have gone to retired people’s dances, cardContinue reading “Everything is Crowded”

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