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Today’s offering is a baker’s dozen of Curt Teich large-letter Greetings From….postcards. Curteich was the largest producer of color and quality linen postcards for more than 5 decades.

Teich postcards are easy to date, as there is a code on all codes that tells you when it was published. There is a handy dating guide available on pdf.

The Curt Teich archives are located at the Newberry in Chicago, Illinois and contains hundreds of thousands of the company postcards, letters and ephemera.


Greetings from Portland, Oregon


Greetings from South Bend, Indiana


Greetings from Lake Tahoe


Greetings from Santa Claus, Indiana


Greetings from Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin


Greetings from St. Petersburg, Florida


Greetings from Chicago, Illinois


Greetings from Santa Cruz, California


Greetings from Nevada


Greetings from Lincoln, Nebraska


Greetings from Hannibal, Missouri


Greetings from Egypt, Illinois


Greetings from Cincinnati, Ohio

Entering Missouri/Entering Arkansas

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These two undated, unmarked real photo postcards of the border between Arkansas and Missouri. After a little sleuthing, I determined that this is Highway 61, just east of Blytheville, Arkansas.

If I knew enough about cars then I could probably put a date on these postcards.

Entering Missouri

Entering Missouri

Entering Arkansas

Entering Arkansas

There is nothing left on the Missouri side. The Texaco and over service station are no more.

There is one solitary building on the Arkansas side. It’s hard to see in the postcard as it’s  semi-obscured by the turn arrow and 25mph sign (with a Budweiser sign) on top still stand but nearly everything else is long gone.

Fifth and Broadway – Gary, Indiana

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This is a series of three postcards published in 1910 showing the corner of Fifth and Broadway in Gary, Indiana.


The first card shows the intersection in 1906.


The second card, featuring the intersection in 1908, shows how much Gary boomed in just two years.


The final card, complete with a touched-up portrayal of Halley’s Comet, shows the now thriving town complete with electric lights.

Gary was a thriving steel town for a number of years. Now it is a shell of its former self. You can see a 2016 view of Fifth and Broadway here.


Minuet Manor Motel & Restaurant – Altoona, Pennsylvania

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I’m back! After a very prolonged absence to due a dog bite, a kidney stone, travel and working on some other exciting projects I am ready to get back to it!

Located on Route 220 between Altoona and Tyrone, Pennsylvania, the Minuet Manor Motel and Restaurant opened in the mid-late 1950s (cannot find an exact date). Offering 79 comfortable rooms and a nice meal, the Minuet was a popular spot for local civic and sorority gathers. The restaurant was not just an ordinary eating spot – there’s something of a twist.

1960-03-29 - Tyrone Daily Herald, 29 Mar 1960, Tue, Page 6

Tyrone Daily Herald, March 29, 1960

The restaurant featured a large collection of pepper mills. According to the verso of the postcard below, The Minuet Manor featured the:

World’s largest collection of unique pepper mills, ranging in size for 3 inches to 7 feet 6-inches. Just one of the many memorable pleasures in store for you at the Minuet Manor is being served freshly ground pepper from this outstanding collection.


Late 1960s postcard showcasing some of the unusual pepper mills inside the restaurant

The restaurant


Another postcard view of the pepper mills

The restaurant and motel were a hit throughout the 1960s. Struggling to stay afloat after the gas crisis and a dramatic shift in traveling and dining culture, the Minuet Manor was sold to Arthur and Mary Beth Mittelmark in 1977.

1977-11-02 - Tyrone Daily Herald, 02 Nov 1977, Wed, Page 7

Tyrone Daily Herald – November 2, 1977

With the 1980s and 1990s came hard times for the venerable motel and restaurant. The best I can figure is the restaurant closed sometime in 1980s or 1990s. I may be wrong and if I am please correct me!

In July 1999 six people were arrested at the motel in the largest heroin bust in Blair County (PA) history.

Tyrone Daily Herald,  07 Jul 1999, Wed,  Page 11.jpg

Tyrone Daily Herald – July 7, 1999

The motel underwent new ownership around 2000. The new group cleaned the place up and, according to an ad in the classified section of the Altoona Mirror, offered TOTALY REVOVATED ROOMS! That would not instill me with much confidence.

Altoona Mirror,  15 Apr 2001, Sun,  Page 48.jpg

Altoona Mirror – April 15, 2001

The revovation did not save the motel. The Minuet Manor became a Knight’s Inn before it ultimately closed.

Information on this place is spotty – so if I got something wrong please let me know so I can get it right. If anyone has information on the whereabouts of those pepper mills drop me a line!

1962 Seattle World’s Fair: Day 6

Cardboard America, World's Fairs

This beautiful postcard was produced in conjunction with the Fair.

Century 21 Exposition - 1962 Seattle World's Fair

Topping America’s Space Age World’s Fair, Century 21 Exposition, is the 55-foot Space Needle, where visitors to Seattle from April 21 through October 21, 1962, can dine in a 220-seat revolving restaurant affording a panoramic view of the world’s fair, city and mountain around this seaport. Tying the fair to downtown Seattle is the world’s first high speed mass transit Monorail, shown here at the base of the Needle.

The 1962 Seattle World’s Fair: Day 1

Cardboard America, World's Fairs

Today marks the 55th anniversary of the opening of the Seattle World’s Fair. The Fair has been written, studied and broken apart by people much smarter than me, so I feel I can’t add much in the way of long form essays or deep research. Instead, I will share newspaper clippings, postcards, photos, ephemera videos off and on until October 21st, when the fair closed.

President John F.  Kennedy signaled the opening of the Fair via radip signal from a gold telegraph key in Palm Beach, Florida.

The Tennessean, 22 Apr 1962, Sun, BLUE STAR Edition, Page 17

Article about the opening of the Fair – The Tennesseean – April 21, 1962



The 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, as it will look on opening day, April 21, 1962, in Seattle, Washington. Shown from the left are the Concert Hall and Arts Center, the Coliseum with 11-story roof, the U.S. Science Pavilion (arching towers) and the 550-foot Space Needle topped by a revolving restaurant. First high speed mass-transit Monorail connects the world’s fair ground with downtown Seattle.


Another early postcard with an artist’s conception of how the Fair would look. Note the complete different top of the Space Needle


Postcard showing how the Fair really looked at the opening

I will share more about the buildings, the Space Needle, the Monorail and the rides as the days go on. Sit back, relax and enjoy the Fair.

Akua Motor Hotel – Anaheim, California

Cardboard Motels
1018 E. Orangethorpe Ave.
Anaheim, Calif. 92801
Your home away from home, located in Orange Country near Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. One block north of Riverside Freeway, near Santa Ana and Garden Grove Freeways…Large Rooms, Queen size beds, Direct Dial Phones, heated pool, Morning coffee in your room.
The Akua Motor Hotel opened in October 1961 at “the jungle’s edge” next door to the famous Palms Restaurant and Dutton’s Jungle Gardens.
1961-10-08 - The Los Angeles Times, 08 Oct 1961, Sun, Page 468

Los Angeles Times – October 8, 1961

The Akua would be home to countless tourists on their way to Disneyland or Knott’s Berry Farm throughout the 1960s but it would be tourists of a different sort that would occupy the motel for nearly two weeks.
After voting to strike against the NFL in July of 1968,  the Los Angeles Rams established the Akua as their strike headquarters. The players were unhappy with the lack of pay they were receiving. The strike lasted only 12 days with $1.5 million added to the players pension fund.
The AKua would undergo several ownership changes but always remained the Akua

The motel is still standing and is still named the Akua but the fabulous sign is gone.

Photo Courtesy: Roadway Architecture.

Thins don’t seem too rosy at the motel right now. Last November a man was shot at 11:15a.m. in the lobby of the motel and, according to the OC Register:

Police have been called to the Akua Motor Inn several times in the past for reports of thefts, narcotics violations and domestic disturbances, Wyatt said. In June, 33-year-old Daniel Richardson of Irvine was shot to death at the motel.