I Didn’t Know Which Bank To Rob

Mailed from Sacramento, California to Mr. J.B. Hosmon of Oroville, California on September 7, 1934: Dear J.B. – Sorry you can’t come this week end to bet, I didn’t now whether you were serious about trusting me to place your bets and being very honest I didn’t know which bank to rob. Amorett & IContinue reading “I Didn’t Know Which Bank To Rob”

Bob Cummings Motor Hotel – Joplin, Missouri

Bob Cummings was a well-known actor of both television and movies. He was born in Joplin, Missouri on June 9, 1910. I will let IMDB give a brief biography for me, as this isn’t really about Bob’s career: Effective light comedian of ’30s and ’40s films and ’50s and ’60s TV series, Robert Cummings wasContinue reading “Bob Cummings Motor Hotel – Joplin, Missouri”

Tropics Motor Hotel – Phoenix, Arizona

1902 E. Van Buren Phoenix, Arizona East Side of Phoenix on Highways 60-70-80-89. Close to downtown shopping and entertainment, 50 luxurious rooms, coffee shop, dining room, cocktail lounge, heated pool, TV in Room, hot water heat in winter, refrigeration in summer, reasonable rates. Tropics Motor Hotel opened for business in December 1957 at 1902 E.Continue reading “Tropics Motor Hotel – Phoenix, Arizona”

Championship Wrestling from St. Louis – September 24, 1948

This is an advertising postcard for Championship Wrestling from St. Louis on Friday, September 24, 1948. This was a really interesting find for me. Most people don’t know that I am a fan of this history of professional wrestling. In my years of collecting I had never come across anything like this. There is nothingContinue reading “Championship Wrestling from St. Louis – September 24, 1948”

Desert Sky Hotel – Phoenix, Arizona

The Desert Sky Hotel was located just down the street from the Bagdad Inn at 3541 E. Van Buren Avenue. Van Buren Avenue, also known as Route 60, was the main thoroughfare between Phoenix and Los Angeles before the interstate system was built. 3541 E. Van Buren Phoenix, Arizona on U.S. Highway 60-70-80-89 Designed with anContinue reading “Desert Sky Hotel – Phoenix, Arizona”

Bagdad Inn – Phoenix, Arizona

3335 East Van Buren Phoenix, Arizona 100 rooms, all king size beds, TV, phones, swim pool, in the heart of the finer hotel district, on U.S. Highways 60,70,80,89 & 93. AAA Approved. Hilton, Carte Blanche, The Diner’s Club, & American Express accepted. The Bagdad Inn was located on the 33000 block of famed E. VanContinue reading “Bagdad Inn – Phoenix, Arizona”

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