The Historic Flood of June 23, 1972 – Salamanca, New York

The Historic Flood of June 23, 1972 - Salamanca, New York

Salamanca, New York – June 23, 1972 – While not as devastating a flood as others, the June 1972 flood of the Allegheny River caused millions in damage and destroyed or damaged 100 homes in Salamanca, New York. Hurricane Agnes started as a Tropical Storm off the Yucatan Peninsula. Five days later it became a hurricane. On June 21st Agnes made landfall in New York and central Pennsylvania. The next few days brought 18 inches of rain. At times, the river rose as much as 7 inches per hour. The waters made their way into the towns of Olean and Salamanca. The city of Salamanca suffered no casualties, but damage was in the millions.

The most significant destruction from Hurricane Agnes occurred in areas of New Jersey and Pennsylvania where over 40,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed. The Susquehanna and Lackawanna River flooded, bringing major damage to the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre metropolitan area. Overall, Agnes caused 128 fatalities along the East Coast and nearly $3 billion in damage.

Be a Beautiful People at Gurney’s Inn – Montauk, Long Island, New York

Gurney's Inn - Montauk, Long Island, New York

The Many Splendored Resort
Gurney’s Inn
Montauk, Long Island, New York
Oceanfront resort complex and conference center. New international beauty an health spa to open late 1978. A responsive on-premise ownership management.
AAA and Mobil Travel Guide Rating “Excellent”
“1000 ft. off the World’s Finest Oceanfront Beach”
Open All Year
Joyce & Nick Monte, Keepers of the Inn.
Be a Beautiful People

Fire at Stern’s Residence – August 5, 1906

Fire at Stern's Residence - Middletown, New York

Taken from The Sun newspaper on August 6, 1906:

Middletown, N.Y, Aug, 5 – Fire this morning practically destroyed the residence of Lehman Stern, on Highland Avenue, the wealthiest section of the city. Adjoining were the houses of Edson G. Lavidge and Mrs. James Morton, formerly of New York. Each of these residences is valued at over $100,000, and they were only saved from destruction by the fact that there was practically no wind blowing. The Stern residence was in course of construction and was valued at $50,000. The house would have been ready for occupancy in three weeks time. There is only $20,000 insurance. Mr. Stern says that he will sue the city for damages resulting from lack of fire protection.

Peppermint Lounge – New York, New York

Peppermint Lounge - New York, New York

The Peppermint Lounge was located at 128 West 45th Street in New York. Although it was only opened for seven years (1958-1965), the Peppermint Lounge birthed the Twist, the massive dance craze of the early 60s, and several radio hits.

The following paragraph comes from the wonderful Gender Variance Who’s Who ( and does a fantastic job of summarizing the demise of the Peppermint Lounge

Peppermint Lounge - New York, New York

The ground floor premises at128 West 45th Street had been licensed on numerous occasions since 1934. Over the years there had been numerous arrests of gay men, and citations for disorderly premises and Administrative Code violations. The NY State Liquor Authority had stated that no renewal was to be issued for 1959 until a bona fide buyer took over. It was then rented to 128 Restaurant Inc, and the owners of record were Ralph Saggesse and Orlando Grippo. In reality they were employed by Sam Konwiser who ran businesses for Johnny Biello, a capo in the Genovese crime family.

The Peppermint Lounge opened in 1958. It had a lengthy mahogany bar running along one side, lots of mirrors and a dance floor at the back, a capacity of just 178 people. There was a back door into the Knickerbocker Hotel Lobby. Johnson et al describe the hotel at that time: it “rented as many rooms by the hour as they did to the luckless out-of-towners, the unemployed and those only a week away from living on the streets”.

The Peppermint Lounge was mainly a gay bar. The major dance craze 1960-1 was the Twist. Much to the surprise of Johnny Biello, this became associated with the Peppermint Lounge, and celebrities, especially Hollywood stars, flocked there to do the dance, and to be photographed doing it. The house band was Joey Dee and the Starlighters. Jackie Kennedy arranged for a temporary ‘Peppermint Lounge’ in the White House. A sister club was opened in Miami Beach. Gays and lesbians liked the dance because it did not necessarily require a partner, and if dancing with a same-sex partner when the police raided, one could spin around to face a partner of the other gender. It is said that (female) go-go dancing (alone on a raised platform for others to watch) originated at the Peppermint Lounge.

Peppermint Lounge - New York, New York

In 1965 the New York State Liquor Authority revoked the Peppermint Lounge’s liquor license. This was upheld in the state Supreme Court. The club closed in December 1965.

Peppermint Lounge - New York, New York

Filjon, Inc. – Syracuse, New York

Filjon, Inc. - Syracuse, New York

Mirrored Balls From $31.50 to $375.00

Ceiling Rotors $11.25-$35.75

Spotlights (3-6 recommended) $19.50

Floodlights (for atmospheric room lighting) $19.50

Spotlight and floodlight replacement bulb $2.60

30″ diameter Mirrored Balls pictured


1211 E. Fayette St.

Syracuse 10, New York

Then and Now: James Street – Alexandria Bay, New York

Alexandria Bay, New York

This 1968 postcard shows James St. in Alexandria Bay at night. The verso says “This popular town draws thousands of visitors each year. It is the gateway to the Beautiful 1000 islands.”

The most recent Google Street View show James Street during the day, but I believe I found the exact location of the photo. On the right stands the rusted shell of the Homestead Restaurant sign and the fantastic Spot Cocktail Lounge arrow in slightly better shape.

The Exciting World of Dinosaurs at Sinclair Dinoland – New York World’s Fair 1964-65

Sinclair Dinoland was an exhibit at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair. Sinclair had used a brontosaurus as their mascot for years so it made perfect sense for them to have an exhibit featuring “LIFE-SIZE” dinosaurs.

This particular item is a 16 page brochure with background on Sinclair and the dinosaurs that roamed the World’s Fair exhibit. You will learn all about dinosaurs and why Sinclair quality oil is the best.

The Exciting World of Dinosaurs - 1964-65 New York World's Fair
A Realistic and Authentic Re-creation of Life-size Dinosaurs
Sinclair Dinoland


Why Sinclair is Interested in Dinosaurs
Stop at the Sign of the Sinclair Dinosaur