Chefs by the Dozen

Restaurants are often justifiably proud of their food and these twelve postcards showcase food and a chef standing near their creations. The Bakery Restaurant – Chicago, Illinois 2. Diplomat Restaurant and Country Club – Hollywood-By-The-Sea, Florida 3. Silver Slipper Chuck Wagon – Las Vegas, Nevada 4. The Lord Fox – Foxboro, Massachusetts 5. Severance LodgeContinue reading “Chefs by the Dozen”

Greetings From….

Today’s offering is a baker’s dozen of Curt Teich large-letter Greetings From….postcards. Curteich was the largest producer of color and quality linen postcards for more than 5 decades. Teich postcards are easy to date, as there is a code on all codes that tells you when it was published. There is a handy dating guideContinue reading “Greetings From….”

Tony Sapp’s Club Black Magic – Las Vegas, Nevada

Club Black Magic originally opened on the corner of Bond, now known as Tropicana Ave & Paradise Rds. (4817 Paradise Road to be exact) on August 18, 1954 and would remain until 1968, when Camille Castro, “a stylish and flamboyant European Lesbian,” would purchase the club and rename it Le Bistro. For most of theContinue reading “Tony Sapp’s Club Black Magic – Las Vegas, Nevada”

Cactus Pete’s and the Creation of a New Town

Peter “Cactus Pete” Piersanti was born in 1917 in Superior, Wyoming. The youngest of six kids to Italian parents. The family moved to Ogden, Utah. Growing up poor during the depression, Peter had always dreamed of being rich. In 1941, Peter purchased a local bar and grill with a card room in the back. ShortlyContinue reading “Cactus Pete’s and the Creation of a New Town”

MGM Grand Fire – November 21, 1980

CITY IN RUINS WHAT: Hotel Fire WHEN: November 21, 1980 approx. 7:10am WHERE: Las Vegas, Nevada CASUALTIES: 87 Dead, Over 650 Injured “There was screaming, crying, panic, horror. There was death. And the saddest thing of all about the scene in the MGM Grand Hotel that morning of Nov. 21 is that it need not have happened. ManyContinue reading “MGM Grand Fire – November 21, 1980”

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