Stuart C. Irby Co. – Jackson, Mississippi

You are cordially invited to visit our new lighting fixture showroom to see a magnificent display of lighting fixtures and lamps; The best in lighting. STUART C. IRBY CO. Wholesale Electric Supplies 815 South State Street Jackson, Miss. Easton Photo Reproductions C-16016

10-4 Good Buddy, CB’s Growing

The following article talking about the meteoric rise of CB radio, written by Ernest Waaser, appeared in The Yazoo Herald on New Year’s Day, 1976: The yellow Oldsmobile edging off the road, its driver lulled to sleep by the smoothness of many miles of interstate driving. Suddenly a voice blared in his ear: “Hey, youContinue reading “10-4 Good Buddy, CB’s Growing”

How Do You Like My New Beau?

Mailed from Bristol & Chattanooga Railroad to Miss Neva Arnold of Cholona, Mississippi on April 14, 1909: Dear Little Girl: Have you received the album I sent you from Corinth yesterday morning? I spent last night in Chattanooga, Tenn. When you grow up we will come here. Papa

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