The Bonaventure Shopping Gallery Telephone Directory

Directory of Bonaventure Shopping Gallery in the Bonaventure Hotel ca. 1980.

Holiday Inn 1956 Directory

In early 1956 Holiday Inn was just beginning to take over as the dominant motel chain. The first Holiday Inn Hotel Courts location opened by Kemmons Wilson at 4941 Summer Ave. in Memphis, Tennessee in the summer of 1952. Within two years three more locations would open in Memphis and a few locations across severalContinue reading “Holiday Inn 1956 Directory”

Admiral Benbow Inns, 1977

The Admiral Benbow was never very big. I believe the franchise topped out at 18 locations. At the time of this publication in 1977, Admiral Benbow Inns were a part of the Morrison’s Cafeteria franchise group. The scan to the left is from the back of a directory for Morrison’s, which I will share andContinue reading “Admiral Benbow Inns, 1977”

Thrifty Scot Motels

Thrifty Scot was a chain of motels across the Midwest. The first location opened on May 13, 1973 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The chain was started by real estate developers Cy and Dan Brutger and within a few years the chain of no-frills, budget motels thrived. I know that there were at least 28 andContinue reading “Thrifty Scot Motels”

1991 Shoney’s Inn Directory

Shoney’s Inns were a smallish franchise of motels started by the Shoney’s Restaurant group. The motel was started as a test run in 1974 and lasted through 1991. The majority of the locations were in the Southeast. The brochure would be the last one the group would ever produce, as the franchise would be sold inContinue reading “1991 Shoney’s Inn Directory”

Econo-Travel Motor Hotel Directory – Fall, Winter 1974/1975

SPEND A NIGHT, NOT A FORTUNE At the dawn of the 1970s, the motel industry was at a crossroads. Big motel chains had spent the 1960 building large, fancy motels with opulent cocktail lounges and restaurant attached. As the economy struggled, occupancy fell in those motels. To combat this problem the motels would charge moreContinue reading “Econo-Travel Motor Hotel Directory – Fall, Winter 1974/1975”

Horn & Hardart Automats in Philadelphia

Horn & Hardart opened their first automat on June 9, 1902. The history of these restaurants and its impact on Philadelphia is beautifully captured in an article by Dr. Stephen Nepa in The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia. The following section is from that 2013 article: Beloved by generations of diners and immortalized in art, song, cinema,Continue reading “Horn & Hardart Automats in Philadelphia”

Sambo’s 1975 Directory

Sambo’s. The casual dining chain with the controversial name opened on June 17, 1957 in Santa Barbara, California.Sam Battistone Jr. & Newell Bohnett (the restaurant name is a combination of the Sam and the Bo from Bohnett) established the restaurant with one goal in mind – cheap 10 cent coffee and a good breakfast. TheyContinue reading “Sambo’s 1975 Directory”

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