Remember Me To All The Girls

Mailed from Cleveland, Ohio to Miss Beatrice Watson c/o J.L. Hudson Co. Grocery Dept in Detroit, Michigan on October 25, 1911: Dear B – Was so glad to get your nice long letter to-day. I had a good laugh at part of it. I will write you a letter as soon as I get settleContinue reading “Remember Me To All The Girls”

There Are Ever So Many Nice Things

Mailed from Chicago, Illinois to D.K. Stevens, Esq. of Boston, Massachusetts on October 11, 1911: Wed. Oct. 11-1911 1235 Dearborn Ave. E. is full of enthusiasm about the A.G.T. and their plans for his work. He says he thinks it is just the kind of work he wants. There are lots of apartment possibilities forContinue reading “There Are Ever So Many Nice Things”

Lucille’s Dishes

Birdseye view of Chicago’s famous Boulevard Link at the junction of Lake Shore Drive and Upper Michigan Avenue, In the near background can be seen the Drake, Drake Tower apartments and other fine residential apartments overlooking Lake Michigan at the Oak Street Beach. In the far background – the Navy Pier and the Palmolive Building,Continue reading “Lucille’s Dishes”

I Hope You Are Feeling

This is the first post of a new series called Come Home Soon. This series will highlight postcard messages from the past. Some of the cards are wonderfully written notes, some are confusing, many are misspelled and all of them are one of a kind. Mailed from Mt. Lowe, California to Miss Florence Price ofContinue reading “I Hope You Are Feeling”

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