Everything is Crowded



Mailed from Florida to Mr. & Mrs. William Sullivan of Mt. Holly, New Jersey on November 29, 1972:

Ate here after seeing the Cardinals and a Jap team play baseball.
Sure picked good weather – cold, cloudy & rained for 12 days. Got 2 free newspapers.
Everything is crowded.
Have gone to retired people’s dances, card parties & variety shows.
Last night went on Mark Twain boat dinner & dancing.
Going to East Coast Thurs. Went to St. Armond’s Key to-day – a showplace of shops. – Mary & Bill


Way Out, Man!

Come Home Soon


Mailed from Chicago, Illinois to Lyle Kline of Huron, South Dakota on November 28, 1959:

Palos Park, Ill
Friday Night
We’re having a good regional council meeting, but I’d much rather be downtown – so many “big name” stars are in Chicago this week! Went to a “real cool” jazz place last night – way out, man! Have to tell you about it later. See you in history class Tuesday! “Park”


There is Pep All The Time

Come Home Soon

Boston Store – Chicago, Illinois

Mailed from Chicago, Illinois to Mr. & Mrs. Burt Cedars of Kokomo, Indiana on August 26, 1940:

We are way up high! Went to the Brookfield Zoo yesterday – ’twas fun to see all the many animals and a bear fight! I may be home Wed, but am not sure. It is so cool here. We are shopping today. Russell should have come, a girl, 18 yrs. old is here, too from Wisc. so there is pep all the time! She is a soph. at Univ. of Wisc.
Love, Mary C.


Dam Planes Anyway

Come Home Soon

McCormick Place – This 35 million dollar lakefront convention center, situated on 30 1/2 acres along Lake Michigan, contains 300,000 square feet of exhibition space and can handle 30,000 arrivals and departures an hour.

Mailed from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Mrs. Doris Butler of East Dedham, Massachusetts on August 31, 1965:

The road was rough maybe go home by train or bus. Dam planes anyway. I walked five miles in this terminal to get to the next plane. Love, Sue.


Trailer Life Is The Life For Me


Is a favorite fishing spot on the west coast of Florida. Here the waters of Boca, Ceiga Bay meet the Gulf of Mexico, where the angler can match his skill with many different varieties of edible game fish.

Mailed from St. Petersburg, Florida to Mr. & Mrs. D.D. Bridge of Royal Center, Indiana on December 26, 1953:


Dear Kids:
Arid here Sat. P.M. Nice & warm. Trailer life is the life for me. We are in a nice trailer court on State R. 19. We watched fisher on bridge yesterday. People bathing in the Gulf. Thanks for the Xmas. We have worn them already. Send to L.E. Selden – 10005 Bay Pine Blvd. St. Petersburg, Fla.

She Doesn’t Even Want to Be Buried in Detroit

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Mailed from Los Angeles, California to Mr. George A. Neumann of Detroit, Michigan on March 3, 1922:


Dear Bro
Called on Effie Walch today and had a nice little visit with them. They just love it out here. Mrs. Walch said she doesn’t even want to be buried in Detroit, she a real good memory but is surely getting old. Love to all, Teresa.

I Didn’t Know Which Bank To Rob

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Horticultural Building at State Fair Ground. Scene each year of California State Fair.

Mailed from Sacramento, California to Mr. J.B. Hosmon of Oroville, California on September 7, 1934:


Dear J.B. –
Sorry you can’t come this week end to bet, I didn’t now whether you were serious about trusting me to place your bets and being very honest I didn’t know which bank to rob.
Amorett & I are going to the horse show tonite – F.B.