10-4 Good Buddy, CB’s Growing

The following article talking about the meteoric rise of CB radio, written by Ernest Waaser, appeared in The Yazoo Herald on New Year’s Day, 1976: The yellow Oldsmobile edging off the road, its driver lulled to sleep by the smoothness of many miles of interstate driving. Suddenly a voice blared in his ear: “Hey, youContinue reading “10-4 Good Buddy, CB’s Growing”

The Art of Alley Cat

I have been bad. When I started this blog back in October (10-4 to be exact) I intended to share equal amounts ephemera and CB radio history. However, over the past few months I got distracted by the other stuff in my collection and ignored a big part of my obsession. Starting today I willContinue reading “The Art of Alley Cat”

Eddy West “Quick With Colts”

This is a QSL/business card for a man named Eddy West, a fancy gun handling, trick shooter. His nickname was apparently “Quick With Colts.” I cannot find much about him or his announcer Whittie Smith but not from lack of trying. He must have not been a major star in the Rochester area. If youContinue reading “Eddy West “Quick With Colts””

CB Convac: 40-Channel Expansion is Producing Bargains

The following syndicated column ,written by Ink Dipper, appeared in newspapers during the third week of October, 1976. Expansion of the Citizen’s Band from 23 to 40 channels has stopped some prospective CB buyers dead in their tracks. The new 40-channel rigs won’t be on the market until early January, and manufacturers are using aContinue reading “CB Convac: 40-Channel Expansion is Producing Bargains”

Bobo The Town Clown – Knoxville, Tennessee

This is a pair of CB radio QSLs for Bill Croxdale, aka Bobo The Town Clown. Bobo was a man of many hats. He was a  local celebrity with a children’s show, a clown, a magician and a QSL printer. Croxdale started as a clown as late as the 1940s. Known for his balloon stunts,Continue reading “Bobo The Town Clown – Knoxville, Tennessee”

CB Convac: A HOT Line and a Holiday Inn CB Line?

The following syndicated column, written by Ink Dipper, appeared in newspapers in the 2nd week of October, 1976: A CB HOT line? That’s what Maryland CBers are talking about. Or how about a Holiday Inn CB line? One of the latest improvement in the CB world involves travelers being able to use CB more effectively.Continue reading “CB Convac: A HOT Line and a Holiday Inn CB Line?”

Come On, First Mama: Betty Ford’s Influence on CB Radio During the 1976 Election

The 1976 race for the Presidential Republican nomination between President Gerald Ford and California Governor Ronald Reagan was close. Ford was the incumbent but had never been a part of a presidential election and Reagan and the conservative wing of the Republican Party saw Ford as vulnerable to loss in the general election. The Republican ticket hadContinue reading “Come On, First Mama: Betty Ford’s Influence on CB Radio During the 1976 Election”

CB Convac: QSLs: Imaginative Calling Cards

The following syndicated column by Ink Dipper appeared in newspapers starting in the first week of October, 1976. Most people aren’t likely to put a photo of a naked woman on their calling cards. But in CBing, calling cards are bound to have just about anything – from Bible verses to naked women. Non-CBers sometimesContinue reading “CB Convac: QSLs: Imaginative Calling Cards”

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