How to Get A U.S. Government Job (1935)

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How to Get a U.S. Government Job was published in 1935 by the Franklin Institute of Rochester, New York. The Franklin Institute was established in 1905 and was dedicated to the memory of Benjamin Franklin. it’s goals were to aid the American citizen in better himself. The following 30+ page booklet will tell you everything you need to know about obtaining a government job in 1935.


The Story Cottage Cheese Tells In Your Mirror

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Have you ever wondered if you cottage cheese could talk, what would it say to you in your mirror? Well, I have a pamphlet for you.

This was published sometime in 1930s(?) by The National Dairy and Food Bureau of Chicago and it tells you all about how amazing and versatile cottage cheese can be. You will learn how your figure can benefit from the nutritiousness and chattiness of this dairy superfood…

How To Run a Successful Party

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Published in 1945 by the Doughnut Corporation of America, this booklet is filled with all of the tips you would ever need to throw a successful, donut-themed party for a teenager.

The booklet is pretty beat up and it was very cheaply printed to begin with as half the pages are crooked and some of them are cut at an odd angle. Who cares? Learn how to run a successful party right now.

in the 1940s.

Are You A Knocker or a Booster?

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Are you a KNOCKER OR A BOOSTER? There is a big difference….and that difference in people.

This small booklet was published and distributed by Good Reading Rack Service of New York in 1957.

Describing itself as “A PSYCHOLOGICAL SELF-APPRAISAL,” this booklet promises to lead you to “Another open door…to a richer, fuller, happier life.

The author is Thomas G. Sabin, TV Program Consultant and author of a series of popular booklets including “Let’s Quit Kidding About Good Government.”

Are you a knocker or a booster? Read this booklet, take the test at the end and find out for yourself.

Corning Welcomes You to Cooking in the 70’s

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This small booklet, published by Corning in 1969, warns tells you of the coming of Space-Age Cooking and the “world of new ideas, new foods, new ways to cook and serve” that are arriving in the 1970s. That new world would include: percolated “real” coffee, hot plates, radiated space-savers and loaves of all kinds.