The Historic Flood of June 23, 1972 – Salamanca, New York

Salamanca, New York – June 23, 1972 – While not as devastating a flood as others, the June 1972 flood of the Allegheny River caused millions in damage and destroyed or damaged 100 homes in Salamanca, New York. Hurricane Agnes started as a Tropical Storm off the Yucatan Peninsula. Five days later it became aContinue reading “The Historic Flood of June 23, 1972 – Salamanca, New York”

Everything is Crowded

Mailed from Florida to Mr. & Mrs. William Sullivan of Mt. Holly, New Jersey on November 29, 1972: Ate here after seeing the Cardinals and a Jap team play baseball. Sure picked good weather – cold, cloudy & rained for 12 days. Got 2 free newspapers. Everything is crowded. Have gone to retired people’s dances, cardContinue reading “Everything is Crowded”

1971 & 1972 San Francisco 49ers Schedules

These two mini-schedules advertise the San Francisco 49ers schedule in 1971 and 1972. The first matchbook is sponsored by Ross/Atkins, Champions of the Clothing League. The 49ers would finish 9-5 and make it all the way to the NFC Championship and lose to the Dallas Cowboys. The second matchbook, advertising the 1972 season is sponsoredContinue reading “1971 & 1972 San Francisco 49ers Schedules”

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