Everything is Crowded



Mailed from Florida to Mr. & Mrs. William Sullivan of Mt. Holly, New Jersey on November 29, 1972:

Ate here after seeing the Cardinals and a Jap team play baseball.
Sure picked good weather – cold, cloudy & rained for 12 days. Got 2 free newspapers.
Everything is crowded.
Have gone to retired people’s dances, card parties & variety shows.
Last night went on Mark Twain boat dinner & dancing.
Going to East Coast Thurs. Went to St. Armond’s Key to-day – a showplace of shops. – Mary & Bill


1971 & 1972 San Francisco 49ers Schedules

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These two mini-schedules advertise the San Francisco 49ers schedule in 1971 and 1972.


The first matchbook is sponsored by Ross/Atkins, Champions of the Clothing League. The 49ers would finish 9-5 and make it all the way to the NFC Championship and lose to the Dallas Cowboys.


The second matchbook, advertising the 1972 season is sponsored by Dewar’s “White Label.” The 1972 49ers would finished 8-5-1, win their division and lose to the Cowboys again in the playoffs.