Then and Now: James Street – Alexandria Bay, New York

This 1968 postcard shows James St. in Alexandria Bay at night. The verso says “This popular town draws thousands of visitors each year. It is the gateway to the Beautiful 1000 islands.” The most recent Google Street View show James Street during the day, but I believe I found the exact location of the photo.Continue reading “Then and Now: James Street – Alexandria Bay, New York”

Red Apple Restaurant – Walla Walla, Washington

For more than five decades, the Red Apple Restaurant served patrons at all hours in downtown Walla Walla, Washington. After years of semi-neglect and mismanagement, the Red Apple closed in late 1999. In 1948 the a new restaurant was opened at #57 (E. Main St. in downtown Walla Walla). The cafe and fountain, dubbed theContinue reading “Red Apple Restaurant – Walla Walla, Washington”

Pat & Bruce’s Wedding

Today marks the 49th wedding anniversary of my mother’s sister  Pat (nee Hoover) and Bruce Papapietro. Their wedding took place inside Boone Memorial Presbyterian Church in Caldwell, Idaho. Pat and Bruce still reside in Caldwell, Idaho. My grandmother, who turns 95 this year, and all of my mother siblings live in Southern Idaho, except PaulContinue reading “Pat & Bruce’s Wedding”

Downtowner and Rowntowner Motor Inn Directory – Fall, 1968

Founded 1958, in Memphis, Tennessee, the Downtowner Corporation built and operated all of its own motels. Every Dowtowner Motor Inn was located downtown and offered a no-fills, cheap place to stay for the night. The Downtowner locations were strategically placed near a large hotel or convention center in hopes that business would spill over in their direction.Continue reading “Downtowner and Rowntowner Motor Inn Directory – Fall, 1968”

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