1963 National Bellas Hess Catalog

National Bellas Hess presents their 1963 Diamond Jubilee Sale. National Bellas Hess was a mail order distributor and seller of wide variety of items including clothing, luggage and various office supplies. Many of these would dresses be popular now with a few alterations.

Hunt’s Recipe Matchbooks, Vol. 5

It’s time for the 5th batch of recipes featured on matchbooks advertising Hunt’s Tomato Sauce. (Volume 1 – Volume 2 – Volume 3 – Volume 4). This batch includes two different version of Sweet & Sour Pork, Steak and Potato Rolls and a very 1963-style recipe called  Stuffed Cabbage Rolls. Sweet-Sour Pork (1963) 3 lb.Continue reading “Hunt’s Recipe Matchbooks, Vol. 5”

Hunt’s Recipe Matchbooks, Vol. 4

Welcome back to the fourth installment of Hunt’s Tomatoes recipes features on matchbooks from the late 1950s/early 1960s. This first recipe for something called Tomato Luncheon Quickie sounds like an abomination that some canned lunch meat scientist concocted in a lab under a bridge. The other recipe(s) is for a staple of early 1960s meatContinue reading “Hunt’s Recipe Matchbooks, Vol. 4”

Hunt’s Matchbook Recipes, Vol. 3

The third installment of the Hunt’s Tomatoes Matchbook Recipe series featured a Tomato Soup and tossed spaghetti. Both recipes reek of 60s blandness but who knows, maybe they’re good? TOMATO SOUP (1963) 2 Tbsp. Wesson, pure Vegetable Oil 1/4 cup diced onion 1/4 diced carrot 1/4 diced celery 2 8-oz. cans Hunt’s Tomato Sauce 1/2Continue reading “Hunt’s Matchbook Recipes, Vol. 3”

Hunt’s Matchbook Recipes: Volume 1

I recently obtained more than 100 Hunt’s Tomato Sauce recipe matchbooks from 1957-1963. I thought it’d be fun to share the images and the recipes over a series of posts. I haven’t had the audacity to try any of these recipes, but if/when I do I will post the results WESTERN CHUCK SUPREME (1963) 3Continue reading “Hunt’s Matchbook Recipes: Volume 1”

Golden Age Nursing Home Fire – November 23, 1963

CITY IN RUINS WHAT: Nursing home fire WHEN: November 23, 1963 approx. 4:50am WHERE: Norwalk, Ohio CASUALTIES: 63 dead, over 25 injured Largely forgotten due to the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy the previous day, The Golden Age Nursing Home fire is considered the second worse nursing home fire ( in the history of the country with 63Continue reading “Golden Age Nursing Home Fire – November 23, 1963”

Lest We Forget: President John F. Kennedy’s Last Hour in Dallas

President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed at 12:30pm Central time on Friday, November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. The event shocked and horrified the nation and the world. Companies looking to make money, commercialized the tragedy and quickly rushed out postcards and mementos from that fateful day. This series of postcards from anContinue reading “Lest We Forget: President John F. Kennedy’s Last Hour in Dallas”

The LBJ Coloring Book

In honor of today being Election Day in the United States, I thought I would share a strange piece of political ephemera from 1964. This is the LBJ Coloring Book. The coloring book was published  in 1964 by Gem Publishing and was written by Norman Miller and Illustrated by Cal Massey. This coloring book isContinue reading “The LBJ Coloring Book”

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