Glimpses of Seattle by C.H. Ford

A decade ago I purchased a box of slides from an online auction. The photos, from the 50s-80s were taken by a semi-professional photographer named C.H Ford from Seattle, Washington. There are hundreds of fantastic photos from Seattle, Canada and places continental. For this Found (Ford) Photo Friday, I though it would be fun toContinue reading “Glimpses of Seattle by C.H. Ford”

Entering Missouri/Entering Arkansas

These two undated, unmarked real photo postcards of the border between Arkansas and Missouri. After a little sleuthing, I determined that this is Highway 61, just east of Blytheville, Arkansas. If I knew enough about cars then I could probably put a date on these postcards. There is nothing left on the Missouri side. TheContinue reading “Entering Missouri/Entering Arkansas”

To Women Who Don’t Sleep Well

In the late 1950s, M.C. Schrank Co. ran a series of ads in New Yorker magazine. The ads were meant to help push their line of nighttime clothing by blaming insomnia on uncomfortable clothing. I have had a very hard time finding out if the ads were successful in helping push sales or if theyContinue reading “To Women Who Don’t Sleep Well”

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