How to Get A U.S. Government Job (1935)

How to Get a U.S. Government Job was published in 1935 by the Franklin Institute of Rochester, New York. The Franklin Institute was established in 1905 and was dedicated to the memory of Benjamin Franklin. it’s goals were to aid the American citizen in better himself. The following 30+ page booklet will tell you everythingContinue reading “How to Get A U.S. Government Job (1935)”

University Club of Los Angeles New Year’s Dinner, 1935 – Los Angeles, California

New Year’s Dinner University Club New Year’s Day Telephone “Custer” the number of reservations you will want for Dinner after New Year’s Game – Trinity 8651 Many of your friends have already made their reservations. Service from 5:30 to 8:30 P.M. $1.25 per person.

It’s a Queer Life

Mailed from Florida to Mr. Hiram Billings of Webster, New York on February 2, 1935: This is a great pass time down here. We are going along as usual. It’s a queer life. A beautiful day and we have been out to an orange & grapefruit grove. R. is better. Good luck to you. Love,Continue reading “It’s a Queer Life”

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