Found Photo Friday: Out With The Old…In With the New

Color Transparency

Found Photo Friday finally returns with one of my favorite series of photos.

These two images were taken on Thornwood Avenue in Wilmette, Illinois. You can see the houses across the street on Google Street View.

The first photo, taken in the Fall of 1964, shows a woman and her daughter standing in drab weather, next to the family’s old, rusted 1955 Cadillac.


The second photo is much sunnier. Taken in the Spring of 1965, the woman is adorned with spring colors and gets a chance to show her new pride and joy, a 1965 Pontiac.


1964 Tournament of Roses Parade

Color Transparency
It’s Found Photo Friday….sort of. I know the photographer and when are where these photos were taken.

Taken after the Tournament of Roses Parade, when the floats were docked, on January 1, 1964 in Pasadena, California. The photographer was Oscar W. Sjogren. The parade theme for 1964 was SYMBOLS OF FREEDOM.

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