KTLA Channel 5 Slides, Volume 3

It’s time for the third installment of slides from the KTLA Channel 5 archives. This week focuses on the graphics that aired before KTLA aired a movie or for one of their early or late programs.

Glimpses of Seattle by C.H. Ford

A decade ago I purchased a box of slides from an online auction. The photos, from the 50s-80s were taken by a semi-professional photographer named C.H Ford from Seattle, Washington. There are hundreds of fantastic photos from Seattle, Canada and places continental.

For this Found (Ford) Photo Friday, I though it would be fun to share some of his photos of Seattle.

  1. Seattle Skyline – ca. 1956

2. Alweg Monorail – Summer 1964

Monorail, Monorail, Monorail

3. Meet the Apollo 12 Astronauts – January 3, 1970

Meet the Apollo 12 Astronauts

4. Fremont Bridge ‘The Trailer’ – July, 1970

Fremont Bridge 'The Trailer' - Seattle, Washington

5. Smith Cove/Pier 91 – April 1970

Smith Cove/Pier 91

6. View of the World’s Fair – Summer 1962

Space Needle & Fair, 1962

7. View from the Space Needle – Labor Day, 1969

View From The Needle

8. View of the Space Needle – December, 1969

View of The Needle

9. Night Scene on 4th Avenue (show the Bon Marche Christmas Lights) – 1950s

Night Scene on 4th Avenue - Seattle, Washington

10. 3026 12th Avenue West – date unknown

Across The Street View

11. Warshal’s Sporting Goods – Sometime in 1969

Warshal's Sporting Goods

12. U.S. Science Pavilion arches with Space Needle behind – Summer 1962

U.S. Science Pavilion Arches and Space Needle - 1962 Seattle World's Fair

KTLA Channel 5 Slides, Volume 2

Last week I posted a series of slides from KTLA-specific programs. This week it’s for slides advertising their syndicated shows. Without further ado…

  1. Popeye and His Friends

2. The Munsters

3. The Three Stooges

4. The Little Rascals

5. Leave it To Beaver

6. Ozzie and Harriet

7. Bonanza

8. The Rifleman

9. F Troop

10. Charlie’s Angels

11. Wonder Woman

12. CHiPs

13. Taxi

14. Sha Na Na

15. Gilligan’s Island

16. Alfred Hitchcock Presents

17. The Twilight Zone

18. Lost In Space

20. Little House on the Prairie

KTLA Channel 5 Slides

For a brief period in 2012, KTLA channel 5 Los Angeles posted many of their old slides from their archives to Flickr. The majority of the archive is from the late 70s to mid-80s.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the treasures. This may end up being several posts, but here are a dozen advertising their own channel

:20 Minute Workout
Gas Hog
Mexican Independence Day Parade
KTLA Sports Presentation
Cinema 5
High Noon Movie
Saturday Night at the Movies
Family Film Festival
KTLA Los Angeles 5

Found Photo Friday: Out With The Old…In With the New

Found Photo Friday finally returns with one of my favorite series of photos.

These two images were taken on Thornwood Avenue in Wilmette, Illinois. You can see the houses across the street on Google Street View.

The first photo, taken in the Fall of 1964, shows a woman and her daughter standing in drab weather, next to the family’s old, rusted 1955 Cadillac.


The second photo is much sunnier. Taken in the Spring of 1965, the woman is adorned with spring colors and gets a chance to show her new pride and joy, a 1965 Pontiac.