Break…Break…CB Convac Comin’ Your Way

New weekly column for all you Citizens Band Radio enthusiasts out there on Channel 19 and the other channels. Fellow with the handle of Ink Dipper will bring you the latest ratchet-jawin’ from CB-land. Watch for CB Convoy (sic) every week in this newspaper. In August 1976, a syndicated column under the name of CBContinue reading “Break…Break…CB Convac Comin’ Your Way”

The CB Boom

The CB radio boom really took hold in 1976 and America’s journalists took notice. My goal is to share the QSL artwork and the CB columns that appeared in America’s newspapers in the 1970s. The following article by Don Oakley appeared in The Indiana Gazette on August 19, 1976: THE HOTTEST TOPIC of public interestContinue reading “The CB Boom”

CB Radio 10-Codes

10 codes originated in the USA and are CB radio lingo mostly used in English-speaking countries. However, no matter which codes are used in your country, be aware that there are local dialects in every urban area and region. You have to listen to others to learn the phrases and codes in your area. AndContinue reading “CB Radio 10-Codes”

10-4, Good Buddy

As most of you who followed the link I sent out know by know, I am fascinated by CB radio culture of the 1970s. I have tens of thousands of CB radio QSL cards, numerous catalogs and other crazy memorabilia from a sadly under documented era.  My goal is to share the images and storiesContinue reading “10-4, Good Buddy”

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