CB Convac: CBing North and South of the Borders

The following article, written by Ink Dipper, appeared as a syndicated column in newspapers in the last week of September, 1976: Your CB could be your best good buddy when you’re at home. But if you plan to travel to Mexico, you better find a resting place for the CB. And if you’re going to Canada,Continue reading “CB Convac: CBing North and South of the Borders”

CB Convac: Can Sunspots Kill CB?

The following column written by Ink Dipper, appeared in syndicated columns in newspapers during the 3rd or 4th week of September 1976: Will 1978 be the beginning of the end for CBing in America or is that just a cry of “wolf”? We’re not crying wolf, but there is something disturbing ahead for CBing asContinue reading “CB Convac: Can Sunspots Kill CB?”

CB Convac: Case for Lowering the CB Age Limit

This syndicated column by Ink Dipper appeared in newspapers in the third week of September, 1976. There is a movement afoot to have the Federal Communications Commission change its rules to permit young people under 18 years of age to obtain a license to operate a Citizens Band Radio. At this writing young operators mustContinue reading “CB Convac: Case for Lowering the CB Age Limit”

CB Convac: CB For More Than Just Four-Wheelers

This syndicated column appeared in newspapers at the end of August, 1976. If you’re one of the millions who have finally made the move toward having a CB in your four-wheeler, then maybe it’s time you hooked a unit up in other areas of your life. For instance, more and more fishermen are finding thatContinue reading “CB Convac: CB For More Than Just Four-Wheelers”

CB Convac: FCC Expands the Number of Channels

The biggest CB news is being transmitted out of Washington, D.C. from the granite headquarters of the Federal Communications Commission. As a result of many complaints about channel congestion and interference the FCC had to do something. Their answer was primarily increasing the number of channels for Citizens Radio Service from 23 to 40. AllContinue reading “CB Convac: FCC Expands the Number of Channels”

CB Convac: Preventing Those ‘Dangling Wires’

The theft of CB radios has reached crisis proportions. If you haven’t already had your CB stolen, then it is only a matter of time before you return to your four-wheeler to find a few ripped wires where the one proud instrument rode. That is, unless you take some very basic precautions. Most people don’t.Continue reading “CB Convac: Preventing Those ‘Dangling Wires’”

CB Convac: Radio Can Be a Life-Saving Tool

This column originally appeared in syndicated newspapers in the second and third week of August, 1976. There are many people wondering today what CBers are like, what makes them tick, are they different from their fellow Americans. The music which has emerged to reach best-seller lists and most-played on popular radio stations indicate that CBersContinue reading “CB Convac: Radio Can Be a Life-Saving Tool”

An Introduction to QSL

Anybody who has been following me for any length of time, knows that I am constantly telling people about the hidden gems known as QSL cards. QSL cards aren’t hard to explain but it’s a little hard to keep the description succinct. I found a blurb in The Neosho Daily News on March 25, 1976 thatContinue reading “An Introduction to QSL”

CB Convac: Don’t Let Newness of CB Frighten You

CB Convac was a syndicated column that appeared in newspapers from 1976 through early 1978. These columns were written by the editor of The CB Times Journal with the handle of Ink Dipper. This is the first column. It appeared in newspapers in the second week of August, 1976: CBing has become the great American pastime. ItContinue reading “CB Convac: Don’t Let Newness of CB Frighten You”

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