When Bottle of Scotch is Depleted

Mailed from Scranton, Pennsylvania to Mr. W. Simpson & Winifred of Hayward, California on June 18, 1962: 6-16-62 Hi, Flew in last Sunday, all packed & moved. Will arrive in Penna. when bottle of scotch is depleted. Will write soon. Love, V & G.

Dr. Pott’s: Archaeology & Disco in the Cincinnati Suburbs

Come with us on archaeological expedition and DISCOver the story of an archaeology themed disco located within the Holiday Inn Riverfront in the Cincinnati suburb of Covington, Kentucky. The Holiday Inn Riverfront had opened in the 1960s with a modest Holiday Inn restaurant attached to the side. Over the next 15 years people ate, people chatted,Continue reading “Dr. Pott’s: Archaeology & Disco in the Cincinnati Suburbs”

Holiday Inn – Anniston-Oxford, Alabama

 On Interstate 20 Where “U.S. 431 & Ala. 21 meet U.S. 78” Swimming Pool – Air-conditioned – Restaurant – Free TV – Free Holidex Reservations 1965 Holiday Inn Passport Description and map Notes: A fairly standard early 1960s Holiday Inn design. The postcard shows the Great Sign, the exterior layout, cars in the parking lot,  aContinue reading “Holiday Inn – Anniston-Oxford, Alabama”

A Picture of Debbie Reynolds

1316 So. Congress – Highway 81 1 mile south from main business center. Close to everything – Brick exterior – Carpeted rooms – Tile baths – Phones – Vented heat – Air-Conditioned – TV. AAA Approved. Member of the Best Western Motels. Mailed from Austin, Texas to MGM Studios in Culver City, California on MayContinue reading “A Picture of Debbie Reynolds”

Tall Corn Motel Motor Inn – Davenport, Iowa

Located at the junction of Highways 6 and 150, in Davenport, Iowa, the Tall Corn Motel opened for business in 1953. In November, 1954 the hotel was sold by Everett Herold to William Minnick of St. Joseph, Missouri who had previously run several motels in the West. Minnick would operate the motel for many years. EasyContinue reading “Tall Corn Motel Motor Inn – Davenport, Iowa”

Admiral Benbow Inns, 1977

The Admiral Benbow was never very big. I believe the franchise topped out at 18 locations. At the time of this publication in 1977, Admiral Benbow Inns were a part of the Morrison’s Cafeteria franchise group. The scan to the left is from the back of a directory for Morrison’s, which I will share andContinue reading “Admiral Benbow Inns, 1977”

Thrifty Scot Motels

Thrifty Scot was a chain of motels across the Midwest. The first location opened on May 13, 1973 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The chain was started by real estate developers Cy and Dan Brutger and within a few years the chain of no-frills, budget motels thrived. I know that there were at least 28 andContinue reading “Thrifty Scot Motels”

1991 Shoney’s Inn Directory

Shoney’s Inns were a smallish franchise of motels started by the Shoney’s Restaurant group. The motel was started as a test run in 1974 and lasted through 1991. The majority of the locations were in the Southeast. The brochure would be the last one the group would ever produce, as the franchise would be sold inContinue reading “1991 Shoney’s Inn Directory”

Downtowner and Rowntowner Motor Inn Directory – Fall, 1968

Founded 1958, in Memphis, Tennessee, the Downtowner Corporation built and operated all of its own motels. Every Dowtowner Motor Inn was located downtown and offered a no-fills, cheap place to stay for the night. The Downtowner locations were strategically placed near a large hotel or convention center in hopes that business would spill over in their direction.Continue reading “Downtowner and Rowntowner Motor Inn Directory – Fall, 1968”

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