Red Apple Restaurant – Walla Walla, Washington

For more than five decades, the Red Apple Restaurant served patrons at all hours in downtown Walla Walla, Washington. After years of semi-neglect and mismanagement, the Red Apple closed in late 1999. In 1948 the a new restaurant was opened at #57 (E. Main St. in downtown Walla Walla). The cafe and fountain, dubbed theContinue reading “Red Apple Restaurant – Walla Walla, Washington”

The Smallest Bar in The World

“End of the Trail”, smallest cocktail lounge in the world; just a stool and a half. At Trees Motel, adjoining the famous Blue Ox Cafe, opposite Trees of Mystery – 4 miles No. of Klamath, Calif., on the beautiful Redwood Highway. The self-professed “Smallest Bar in the World” was located slightly north of Klamath, CaliforniaContinue reading “The Smallest Bar in The World”

Sea Breeze Pet Cemetery – Huntington Beach, California

This is one of the more unusual postcards I’ve seen. I can guarantee you that it’s the lone pet cemetery card in my collection. I am guessing the date from the late 1960s and the cemetery is still there. There is an apartment complex now there that overlooks the grounds. 19542 Beach Blvd. (Highway 39)Continue reading “Sea Breeze Pet Cemetery – Huntington Beach, California”

The Darley Shop – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  811 East Las Olas Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, Florida Visit Fort Lauderdale’s most complete Lingerie Shop. Robes, Gown, Petticoats, Slips, Bras, Girdles, Hosiery, At-Home Wear, and Boutiques. Kenneth Twaddell & Associates, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Dexter Press 15806-C

Stuart C. Irby Co. – Jackson, Mississippi

You are cordially invited to visit our new lighting fixture showroom to see a magnificent display of lighting fixtures and lamps; The best in lighting. STUART C. IRBY CO. Wholesale Electric Supplies 815 South State Street Jackson, Miss. Easton Photo Reproductions C-16016

Greetings From….

Today’s offering is a baker’s dozen of Curt Teich large-letter Greetings From….postcards. Curteich was the largest producer of color and quality linen postcards for more than 5 decades. Teich postcards are easy to date, as there is a code on all codes that tells you when it was published. There is a handy dating guideContinue reading “Greetings From….”

Entering Missouri/Entering Arkansas

These two undated, unmarked real photo postcards of the border between Arkansas and Missouri. After a little sleuthing, I determined that this is Highway 61, just east of Blytheville, Arkansas. If I knew enough about cars then I could probably put a date on these postcards. There is nothing left on the Missouri side. TheContinue reading “Entering Missouri/Entering Arkansas”

Goofy Golf At The Magic World – Panama City Beach, Florida

Goofy Golf at the Magic World was a miniature golf course located in Panama City Beach, Florida. This series of postcards; featuring the giant tyrannosaurus rex, windmill, castle, octopus, flowers and other “goofy” holes on the golf course; was published sometime in the 1960s.

Fifth and Broadway – Gary, Indiana

This is a series of three postcards published in 1910 showing the corner of Fifth and Broadway in Gary, Indiana. The first card shows the intersection in 1906. The second card, featuring the intersection in 1908, shows how much Gary boomed in just two years. The final card, complete with a touched-up portrayal of Halley’sContinue reading “Fifth and Broadway – Gary, Indiana”

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