Close Cover: Winner, Winner

This is the first post in a series that will highlight matchbooks from my collection that advertise restaurants, hotels and motels. I will try to keep a theme and limit it to five spots per post to make it easier to dig through later. Some of these places will be once-popular spots and others longContinue reading “Close Cover: Winner, Winner”

CB Convac: Radio Can Be a Life-Saving Tool

This column originally appeared in syndicated newspapers in the second and third week of August, 1976. There are many people wondering today what CBers are like, what makes them tick, are they different from their fellow Americans. The music which has emerged to reach best-seller lists and most-played on popular radio stations indicate that CBersContinue reading “CB Convac: Radio Can Be a Life-Saving Tool”

July 1955 Cinemascope at Lake Theatre Schedule – Lake View, Iowa

A few months back I purchased an old 8.5 x 11 July 1955 advertisement/schedule from the Lake Theatre in Lake View, Iowa. I bought it with the intent to do a write up on the Lake Theatre and its history. There is one minor problem, I had a very difficult time finding anything about theContinue reading “July 1955 Cinemascope at Lake Theatre Schedule – Lake View, Iowa”

There Are Ever So Many Nice Things

Mailed from Chicago, Illinois to D.K. Stevens, Esq. of Boston, Massachusetts on October 11, 1911: Wed. Oct. 11-1911 1235 Dearborn Ave. E. is full of enthusiasm about the A.G.T. and their plans for his work. He says he thinks it is just the kind of work he wants. There are lots of apartment possibilities forContinue reading “There Are Ever So Many Nice Things”

Tropics Motor Hotel – Phoenix, Arizona

1902 E. Van Buren Phoenix, Arizona East Side of Phoenix on Highways 60-70-80-89. Close to downtown shopping and entertainment, 50 luxurious rooms, coffee shop, dining room, cocktail lounge, heated pool, TV in Room, hot water heat in winter, refrigeration in summer, reasonable rates. Tropics Motor Hotel opened for business in December 1957 at 1902 E.Continue reading “Tropics Motor Hotel – Phoenix, Arizona”

An Introduction to QSL

Anybody who has been following me for any length of time, knows that I am constantly tellingĀ people about the hidden gems known as QSL cards. QSL cards aren’t hard to explain but it’s a little hard to keep the description succinct. I found a blurb in The Neosho Daily News on March 25, 1976 thatContinue reading “An Introduction to QSL”

Championship Wrestling from St. Louis – September 24, 1948

This is an advertising postcard for Championship Wrestling from St. Louis on Friday, September 24, 1948. This was a really interesting find for me. Most people don’t know that I am a fan of this history of professional wrestling. In my years of collecting I had never come across anything like this. There is nothingContinue reading “Championship Wrestling from St. Louis – September 24, 1948”

Desert Sky Hotel – Phoenix, Arizona

The Desert Sky Hotel was located just down the street from the Bagdad InnĀ at 3541 E. Van Buren Avenue. Van Buren Avenue, also known as Route 60, was the main thoroughfare between Phoenix and Los Angeles before the interstate system was built. 3541 E. Van Buren Phoenix, Arizona on U.S. Highway 60-70-80-89 Designed with anContinue reading “Desert Sky Hotel – Phoenix, Arizona”

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