Disneyland by Starlite – August 3-9, 1969

“Something wonderful happens when the magic of night time meets the magic of Disneyland. And that’s why Disneyland After Dark is fast becoming a favorite with grownups” – a radio commercial for Disneyland by Starlite. In the Summer of 1969, Disneyland ran a summer promotion complete with live music and fireworks in attempt to lureContinue reading “Disneyland by Starlite – August 3-9, 1969”

Hunt’s Recipe Matchbooks, Vol. 4

Welcome back to the fourth installment of Hunt’s Tomatoes recipes features on matchbooks from the late 1950s/early 1960s. This first recipe for something called Tomato Luncheon Quickie sounds like an abomination that some canned lunch meat scientist concocted in a lab under a bridge. The other recipe(s) is for a staple of early 1960s meatContinue reading “Hunt’s Recipe Matchbooks, Vol. 4”

Fifth and Broadway – Gary, Indiana

This is a series of three postcards published in 1910 showing the corner of Fifth and Broadway in Gary, Indiana. The first card shows the intersection in 1906. The second card, featuring the intersection in 1908, shows how much Gary boomed in just two years. The final card, complete with a touched-up portrayal of Halley’sContinue reading “Fifth and Broadway – Gary, Indiana”

My Ears Are Buzzing

Mailed from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Miss Florence Fitzgerald of Edinboro, Pennsylvania on July 27, 1907: Arrived here at eleven o’clock last night. Will spend a few days here. Had a fine journey and were not as tired as we expected. Are spending the morning writing and this afternoon are going out with some friends weContinue reading “My Ears Are Buzzing”

Budgetel Inns Directory, 1987

In the early 1970s America was in the middle of an economic crisis. With less money to spend, America’s travel plans understandably changed. Once affordable chains like Howard Johnson and Holiday Inn had essentially become hotels and with the hotel amenities such as a pool, restaurant, and often a night club, prices had gotten tooContinue reading “Budgetel Inns Directory, 1987”

Minuet Manor Motel & Restaurant – Altoona, Pennsylvania

I’m back! After a very prolonged absence to due a dog bite, a kidney stone, travel and working on some other exciting projects I am ready to get back to it! Located on Route 220 between Altoona and Tyrone, Pennsylvania, the Minuet Manor Motel and Restaurant opened in the mid-late 1950s (cannot find an exactContinue reading “Minuet Manor Motel & Restaurant – Altoona, Pennsylvania”

10-4 Good Buddy, CB’s Growing

The following article talking about the meteoric rise of CB radio, written by Ernest Waaser, appeared in The Yazoo Herald on New Year’s Day, 1976: The yellow Oldsmobile edging off the road, its driver lulled to sleep by the smoothness of many miles of interstate driving. Suddenly a voice blared in his ear: “Hey, youContinue reading “10-4 Good Buddy, CB’s Growing”

The Terminal Hotel Fire – Atlanta, Georgia

WHAT: Hotel fire WHEN: May 16, 1938 around 3:00am WHERE: Atlanta, Georgia FATALITIES: 35 dead, as many as 15 injured On May 16, 1938 the most disastrous fire in Atlanta’s history at time based on the loss of life, broke out in the kitchen of the Terminal Hotel. Located in the Hotel Row District in Atlanta at the corner of Spring andContinue reading “The Terminal Hotel Fire – Atlanta, Georgia”

Bagels and Yox

This is a flier for the number one entertainment for the American-Jewish people, “Bagels and Yox.” This particular run was to open on Sunday, May 11, 1952 at the Blackstone Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. I can’t find too much information on this particular run of the show. I did find a 1951 review of theContinue reading “Bagels and Yox”

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