Glimpses of Seattle by C.H. Ford

A decade ago I purchased a box of slides from an online auction. The photos, from the 50s-80s were taken by a semi-professional photographer named C.H Ford from Seattle, Washington. There are hundreds of fantastic photos from Seattle, Canada and places continental.

For this Found (Ford) Photo Friday, I though it would be fun to share some of his photos of Seattle.

  1. Seattle Skyline – ca. 1956

2. Alweg Monorail – Summer 1964

Monorail, Monorail, Monorail

3. Meet the Apollo 12 Astronauts – January 3, 1970

Meet the Apollo 12 Astronauts

4. Fremont Bridge ‘The Trailer’ – July, 1970

Fremont Bridge 'The Trailer' - Seattle, Washington

5. Smith Cove/Pier 91 – April 1970

Smith Cove/Pier 91

6. View of the World’s Fair – Summer 1962

Space Needle & Fair, 1962

7. View from the Space Needle – Labor Day, 1969

View From The Needle

8. View of the Space Needle – December, 1969

View of The Needle

9. Night Scene on 4th Avenue (show the Bon Marche Christmas Lights) – 1950s

Night Scene on 4th Avenue - Seattle, Washington

10. 3026 12th Avenue West – date unknown

Across The Street View

11. Warshal’s Sporting Goods – Sometime in 1969

Warshal's Sporting Goods

12. U.S. Science Pavilion arches with Space Needle behind – Summer 1962

U.S. Science Pavilion Arches and Space Needle - 1962 Seattle World's Fair

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