Bowers 99’r – Boise, Idaho

Bower's 99'r - Boise, Idaho

Bowers 99’r all you can eat smorgasbord restaurant, was started by Leo and Margie Bowers in the Fall of 1959. at 4043 State St. in Boise.

Bowers ’99r – State Street (courtesy of Bob Hartman)

The low cost and quality service led to instant success and a second restaurant was opened the next year at 5020 Franklin Rd.

Bowers 99’r – 5020 Franklin Rd. (courtesy of Bob Hartman)

The second location was a big success and the first location was closed and the focus shifted to the Franklin location.

The Idaho Statesman – June 14, 1960

In 1962, the Bowers opened yet another location, this time a few hours away at 663 Main Ave. in Twin Falls, Idaho. In rapid succession several more locations opened in Northern California and had plans on expanding throughout the Golden State.

The Idaho Statesman – November 21, 1962

Business in Idaho was quickly abandoned. The Twin Falls location was closed in 1964 and in November, 1965 the Franklin location was shuttered with a whimper.

The Idaho Statesman – November 21, 1965

The California locations puttered along throughout the 60s, but on February 2, 1970, the Franchise Tax Board suspended Bowers’ franchise license to due a failure to pay taxes.

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