1962 Baseball Baedeker: Boston


This is the second post (of 20) sharing the 1962 Baseball Baedeker guide to every city & team in Major League Baseball in existence at the time. The guide was designed to make it easier for players and travelers to know where hotels, restaurants and assorted other spots were located.

#1 – Baltimore (Orioles)

From the guide:

Karl Baedecker was the founder of a German publishing firm of guide books covering all of Europe and parts of Africa. These guide books became so celebrated, and came into such universal use that the name “Baedeker” has become synonymous with guide book. In World War II the German air raids on the English cathedral towns were called “Baedeker Raids”

Published by Whisenant-Glenn Enterprises

Publisher’s Note:

This guide book came into being because as a traveling ball player I have long needed such a book covering the cities visited, listing places the would be useful and convenient to know about….
Our group assembled the lists over the past season (1961) and we hope too many places haven’t moved or changed their phone numbers….
We are sorry for any error or changes or omissions, but hope we’ll be informed of them so that they can be corrected in the next printing. And we hope you find this Baedeker as useful as we intend it to be.

*note – all images posted are from the Cardboard America Collection unless otherwise stated.

Boston, Massachusetts – Home of the Red Sox


1962 Record: (78-84) Finished 8th in the American League

The 1962 Red Sox were average to mediocre all year and struggled to draw fans to legendary Fenway Park. Led by second-year left-fielder, and future Hall of Famer, Carl Yastrzemski, the team stumbled. The only time the Sox were above .500 all year was 21 games in to the season and they were 11-10. It was all downhill from there.

The major highlights came from two different Boston pitchers throwing no-hitters. Earl Wilson threw the first one on June 26, 1962 against the Angels. It was the first no-hitter thwon by an African-American in the American League.

The second no-hitter occurred just 5 weeks later when Bill Monbouquette blanked the White Sox 1-0 on August 1. The interval between no-hitters is still the shortest in major league history.

More notes from the Fenway Park timeline:

Though there were a few individual accomplishments, 1962 was another down year for the Red Sox and attendance at Fenway Park dropped by more than 100,000 fans.

On April 21, the club held Golden Anniversary Day at Fenway Park, as the team celebrated the 50th anniversary of the 1912 World Series-winning Red Sox. Surviving members of the team Hugh Bedient, Bill Carrigan, Ray Collins, Larry Gardner, Olaf Henriksen, Harry Hooper, Duffy Lewis, Joe Wood and Steve Yerkes were in attendance.

Pete Runnels won his second batting title with a .326 average and Carl Yastrzemski improved in his sophomore season, hitting 19 home runs and collecting 94 RBIs with a .296 average. Frank Malzone led the team with 21 home runs and 85 RBIs.

Bill Monbouquette and Gene Conley each won 15 games, while 6’6,” 230-pound Dick Radatz led the league in appearances and saves, winning Fireman of the Year honors with a 9-6 record and 2.24 ERA.

Midway through the season, Gene Conley and Pumpsie Green left the team bus while it was stuck in New York traffic and went AWOL. Though Green returned the next day, Conley tried to board a plane for Israel without a passport three days later.

Fenway Park (1912-present)
Jersey & Van Ness – CO 7-2525
Capacity: 33,357
Executive Office at Fenway Park
Games Start at 2 & 8 PM; DH at 1:30 & 6:00
Subway from Park or Boylston Sts. to Kenmore Sq.
Parking for 3,000 cards

The Red Sox struggled to attract fans to Fenway Park for much of the 1960s. Only 2,466 fans turned out for this game on April 11, 1962. AP Photo (SOURCE)

RED SOX SPORTSCASTERS: Curt Gowdy, Ned Martin, Art Gleeson

Games Broadcast of WHDH Radio & Telecast over WHDH-TV.

Beaconsfield – 1731 Beacon
Kenmore* – 490 Commonwealth

MA, Boston - Kenmore
The Clubhouse Restaurant, Hotel Kenmore, Kenmore Square, Boston, where your favorite steaks, chops, and lobsters are broiled over live charcoal embers…in the old fashioned open hearth way.

Parker House – 60 School
Ritz-Carlton – 15 Arlington
Sheraton-Plaza – Copley Sq.

MA, Boston - Sheraton
138 St. James Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts
THE PUB: Colorful English-style signs make the Sheraton Plaza Men’s Pub an inviting stop-off for a respite and refreshment. One of the few remaining spots still offering sanctuary – only to Men!
International Hotel Supply Co.

Somerset – 400 Commonwealth

MA, Boston - Somerset
400 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, Mass.
CO 7-9000
The Rib Room at the Somerset Hotel was Boston’s first restaurant to raise the roasting of beef to a high and elegant art. Lavish walnut walls… brilliant red-felt panels… tufted black-leather banquettes… everything about the Rib Room is fabulous – but mostly the beef.

Statler-Hilton* – Park Square

MA, Boston - Statler
Arlington Street at Park Square
Boston, Mass.
Telephone HAncock 6-2000
Boston Statler Hilton’s colorful restaurant reproduces old N.E. inn Museum-worthy memorabilia collection lines walls. Open from 7 to midnight, serving Breakfast, lunch, dinner and after-theatre suppers.

Touraine – 62 Boylston

MA, Boston - Touraine
Air Conditioned
Finest food at moderate prices. Modern setting in the early American tradition, featuring a unique open view kitchen with its gleaming copper pans.
Hotel Touraine

Vendome – 160 Commonwealth
*Hosts Visiting Ball Clubs

Fenway Motor Hotel – 1271 Boylston
Terrace Motel Apartments – 1650 Commonwealth

Bavarian Hofbrau – 100 Dartmouth
Blinstrub’s Village – 304 Broadway
Cathay House – 70 Beach
Moulin Rouge – 160 Commonwealth
Novaks Towne Terrace – 1700 Beacon
Saxony Lounge – 37 Providence
Twelve Carver – 12 Carver
Twelve Eighty – 1280 Beacon

Bay State Raceway – 175 Huntington
Big Huntington Alleys – 255 Huntington
Boston Garden – North Station
Boston Patriots Football Club – 520 Commonwealth
Boylston Bowladome – 1260 Boylston (opposite Fenway Park)
Norumbega Park – 2327 Commonwealth Ave.
Pleasure Island – Wakefield, Massachusetts
Suffolk Downs Race Track
Wonderland Revere Greyhound Racing – 190 VFW Parkway

George Keris Texaco Service – 584 Commonwealth

Sheraton Plaza Barber Shop – Copley Square

Launderer – 1082 Dorchester

Athens-Olympia Cafe – 51 Stuart
Beauchamp French Restaurant – 11 Otis
Black Angus – 42 Stuart
Canton House – 709 Boylston
Chez Jean – 1 Shephard
Darbury Room – 271 Dartmouth
Dini’s Sea Grill – 94 Tremont

ma, bOSTON - dINI'S
Dini’s Sea Grill – Since 1926
“The Home of Boston’s Famous Schrod”
The Finest Downtown Sea Food Restaurant
Two Beautiful Dining Rooms
Steak – Lobsters – Cocktails
“On the Freedom Trail” between Park Street Church and Kings Chapel – a step across from Boston Common.
Open Every Day Including Sundays
94 Tremont Street – Boston, Mass.

Durgin-Park – 30 N. Market
Giro’s Restaurant – 464 Hanover
Groton Inn – Main St. Groton
Hampshire House – 84 Beacon
Iron Horse Restaurant – 776 Providence Highway
Jack & Marion’s – 299 Harvard
Jimmy’s Harbor Side – 248 Northern Ave.
Ken’s at Copley – 549 Boylston
Locke-ober – 3 Winter Place
Newbury’s Steak House – 94 Mass Ave.
Oxford Steak House – 444 Stuart
Patten’s – 41 Court
Polcari’s – 283 Causeway
Polynesian Village – 400 Commonwealth
Prime Rib Room – 400 Commonwealth
Red Coach Grill – 43 Stanhope
Red Fox Steak House – Rt. #1 Foxboro
Sand’s Prime Rib Restaurant – 214 Boylston
Sea ‘n Surf – 303 Worcester Rd., Framingham
Union Oyster House – 143 Stuart
Valle’s Steak House – 300 Boylston
Warmuth’s Restaurant – 280 Devonshire

Brooks Brothers – 46 Newbury
Jordan Marsh – 450 Washington
Kennedy’s – 32 Summer St.
Nobby Shop – 154 Harvard

Avis – 60 Park Square

Checker Cab Co. – 10 Gainsboro

Christian Science Church – 105 Falmouth
Old South Church – 645 Boylston
St. Francis Xavier – 120 Newbury

Fire, Police: Dial 0
Information: 411
Long Distance: 211
Time: ME 7-1234
Weather: WE 6-1234