Cardboard America Update


For the past few months I have been weighing what to do with this site. I have been failing at posting much of anything on here. I work for a university life gets busy in the spring and fall. The research that goes in to the posts take a lot of time and I just don’t have the time to do deep dive posts anywhere.


I am thinking of just sharing postcards/matchcovers/slides/etc from my collection as more of a showcase instead of in-depth research. I can do many posts in a day instead of one every three months.

The site will get a bit of an overhaul to accommodate that, but there will be a lot more content.

Would you be interested in that? Leave a comment below and let me know.


4 thoughts on “Cardboard America Update

  1. I think having shorter posts here featuring only scans is fine. Perhaps even consider using the queue feature as I do to spread things out…although I’ll tell you, with how busy my life has been going back to November, I’ve been struggling just to have my usual one post per day plus continue to improve my radio station. It’s like I can never catch up. Still, I think posting things here that don’t come with a big article is fine. After all, it can be a real bear going through a big Flickr account. This place gives another avenue for all the cool things you’ve collected to get some more exposure.

  2. Whatever you do with a future direction, please preserve your existing material. I just discovered this site, and it’s a treasure trove of American history. I really appreciate the research you’ve done.

  3. Have you posted all your Hunt’s matchbook recipes yet? I found Spanish rice that my mother made all the time! I loved it as a kid. I’m looking for another—Hot Dog Casserole if you happen to have that one. This site is so much fun!

  4. Hey Jordan, I just discovered Cardboard America after reading David Obuchowski’s piece in Aquarium Drunkard. I know this was posted a little while ago but I would love to see more of the stuff you’ve collected! I know it’s difficult to find enough time to do more extensive research, but I’m sure many would appreciate seeing short posts of just the artifacts. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing more of your collection!

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