9 thoughts on “1963 National Bellas Hess Catalog

  1. I remember this catalog really well, it would come in the mail. As a matter of fact, it was a mail order company.

    1. We are Syrians from Homs. My mother used to make orders from your catalog, her name was Helene Azank. Unfortunately we stopped receive it after 1967. It was really very satisfiying.

  2. My Mother ordered from the company from the time I was a baby until the early 1960s. She was always pleased with her orders. I just
    saw in the above catalog a ad for “pique” dresses. I remember these well and the fabric was well wearing and the dresses were very cute.

  3. My father was a manager for the Caribbean area of these stores in the 1960’s. We lived in Puerto Rico at the time. They had stores all over Puerto Rico and surrounding islands.

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