1962 Seattle World’s Fair: Natural Gas Zodiac Wheel

1962 Seattle World’s Fair: Natural Gas Zodiac Wheel

Apologies for the lack of posts lately. Life has been interfering with my free time way more than I would like.

Today’s 1962 Seattle World’s Fair item is a Natural Gas Zodiac Wheel for 1962.


The wheel also doubles as a guide to the exhibits in the Natural Gas Pavilion. According to the wheel “These displays trace the history of Natural Gas from its beginnings, on to its development as a valuable aid to industry, commerce and the homemaker, and finally as a vital energy source for the future.”

According to a blurb about the exhibit:

The pillars supporting the roof of the Gas Pavilion, on Boulevard 21, double as natural gas torches. In the center of the pavilion is a gas-dial clock. Underneath the serrated roof is a graphic report on the uses of natural gas today and a projection of its uses in the year 2001…

Time is told on the roof-top clock by the number of torches burning, while the hours are ‘struck’ by bursts of flame from the central pillar. Ninety-one gas distribution companies are co-sponsoring the exhibit.

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