The Story Cottage Cheese Tells In Your Mirror

Have you ever wondered if you cottage cheese could talk, what would it say to you in your mirror? Well, I have a pamphlet for you.

This was published sometime in 1930s(?) by The National Dairy and Food Bureau of Chicago and it tells you all about how amazing and versatile cottage cheese can be. You will learn how your figure can benefit from the nutritiousness and chattiness of this dairy superfood…

6 thoughts on “The Story Cottage Cheese Tells In Your Mirror

  1. Funny coincidence that this weekend I am going to post a story to my blog about restaurant diet plates from the 1950s to 1980s. It was practically set in stone that cottage cheese had to be on a diet plate — but it looks as though there was little realization that it would be considered a classic dieter’s lunch when this booklet came out!

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