Sundays With Satie: Week 9

Sundays With Satie: Week 9


Monday,  March 5, 1900

Quite a nice day. Pa and La went to Bath after dinner. I went to Addie’s in the afternoon.

Tuesday, March 6, 1900

A rainy day, Uncle Charlie came up and went to Bath with Pa. Ma came home from Aunt Add’s. Aunt Zill came to Bath from Aunt Add’s.

Wednesday, March 7, 1900

A blustery day. Pa and Pa went out to Mr. Washington to Aunt Add’s funeral it was at the Mt. Washington Church. Aunt Zill and Uncle Charlie came home with out folks. Aunt Zill stayed all night. Let and I went down to Addie’s a little while in the afternoon.

Thursday, March 8, 1900

A nice day. I went down to the schoolhouse and got my books. Ed L and Mabel Robinson called in the morning. Aunt Zill went down home with them. We washed. Pa went to Bath in the fore-noon.

Friday, March 9, 1900

A lovely day. Thawed quite a lot. I went down and took care of John all the fore-noon. Jim came up and got Mr. Warren’s goods. Pa took a load of potatoes to Bath sold them to Bowes got 42 cents a bushel. I was up to Kate Graham’s a little while in the P.M.

Saturday, March 10, 1900

A lovely day colder toward night. I was at home all day. Pa went to Bath.

Sunday, March 11, 1900

A nice day got colder toward night. Jim and Addie and John went over to Jim Warrens and staid all night then went down and seen Mr. and Mrs. Warren they had just begun keeping house. Jim and Rich came over in the fore-noon. Staid to dinner went home in the after-noon. We all went to meeting in the evening. Mr. Wilcon preached. Glen Marsh led young people’s meeting.




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