Bowling Tips To Improve Your Score

Published in 1958, by C.H. Pearson and Bowling World Magazine, this booklet is designed to help the entire family improve their bowling scores.

Diamonds Restaurant and Inn – Villa Ridge, Missouri

The Banana Stand opened in Villa Ridge, Missouri about 35 miles west of St. Louis in 1923. The small roadside stand owned and operated by Spencer and Ursula Groff was an big hit.  Every year the place expanded. In the 1930s the now restaurant was renamed The Diamonds. In 1947, The Diamonds were serve a recordContinue reading “Diamonds Restaurant and Inn – Villa Ridge, Missouri”

Marlborough Hotel Fire – January 3, 1940

On the incredibly cold morning of January 3, 1940, just before dawn, a fire caused by a lit cigarette thrown down a garbage chute ravaged the Marlborough Apartment Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The cigarette has probably been smoldering for hours before finally catching fire and eventually blew out of the garbage chute, causing a heat explosionContinue reading “Marlborough Hotel Fire – January 3, 1940”

University Club of Los Angeles New Year’s Dinner, 1935 – Los Angeles, California

New Year’s Dinner University Club New Year’s Day Telephone “Custer” the number of reservations you will want for Dinner after New Year’s Game – Trinity 8651 Many of your friends have already made their reservations. Service from 5:30 to 8:30 P.M. $1.25 per person.

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