Sundays With Satie: Week 1


Welcome to a new feature called Sundays with Satie. Back in 2015 I found a small 1896 Excelsior Diary written by a 13-year old girl named Satie Little.

Satie lived near Bath, New York in Steuben County. She kept a diary of her life in 1900 using a 4 year old journal. The diary starts a little slow and Satie doesn’t get in to too many details, but as the year goes on, she adds details and provides a glimpse of a rural teenager at the turn of the 20th century.

Every Sunday throughout 2017 I will share Satie’s diary entries for that corresponding week. The dates will be off by a day but the days of the week will match up.

Scanning the small diary proved to be a major challenge, so to save the risk of damaging the leather book, I will just type exactly what she wrote, spelling mistakes and all.


Monday, January 1, 1900

A nice day. Mr. & Mrs. Warren & Addie & Jim & the baby were up her to dinner.
Jim & Rich were at Lides
Let was at Lides
There wasent any school

Tuesday, January 2, 1900

An awful blustery day. I did not go to school.
Jen & Rich came up from Lides and were here to dinner.

Wednesday, January 3, 1900

A quite a nice day. I went to school

Thursday, January 4, 1900

A nice day. I went to school

Friday, January 5, 1900

A nice day. I went to school

Saturday, January 6, 1900

A nice day. Pa went to Bath & got Cale & Lide

Sunday, January 7, 1900

A nice A.M. rained a little in the P.M.
Cale & Lide & Jim and Addie & the Baby and Aunt Zill and Uncle Charlie were here to dinner. Jim took Cale and Lide to Bath. They went home on the 8 o’clock train.

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