Bobo The Town Clown – Knoxville, Tennessee

This is a pair of CB radio QSLs for Bill Croxdale, aka Bobo The Town Clown. Bobo was a man of many hats. He was a  local celebrity with a children’s show, a clown, a magician and a QSL printer.

Billboard – May 14, 1949

Croxdale started as a clown as late as the 1940s. Known for his balloon stunts, Croxdale was very popular as a local party clown. He worked birthdays, get-togethers and had many grocery store appearances in the Knoxville and Nashville area until he was given an opportunity to bring Bobo to the newly forming world of TV.

Croxdale’s children’s show called Bobo The Clown, aired throughout the 1950s in Knoxville, Tennessee on local UHF station WTSK Channel 26. Croxdale fashioned Bobo after a trip to a Cincinnati TV station made him think about what sort of kids’ program would be the most timeless. Croxdale’s wife Martha  joined him on the air. Martha, known on air as Aunt Maggie, wore a red and white polka dot outfit that matched Bobo’s.


Bobo was replaced on TV in the early 1960s, but remained a well-known local act. Croxdale would use CB radio as a hobby and a way to promote Bobo. I can’t find any information about how he came to print QSL cards.


Croxdale would continue to portray Bobo until his death in 1985.


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