Cinelli’s Country House – Cherry Hill, New Jersey

For more than 80 years, Cinelli’s Country House restaurant was a Cherry Hill, New Jersey landmark. Originally opened in 1909 by Julio Cinelli as a restaurant and bar in a farmhouse on a 7 acre plot of land, the restaurant was a family affair. Julio’s wife was the cook. The restaurant was known for its 25 cent bowl of spaghetti and 10 cent beers. The service was exquisite and the restaurant was a popular sport among locals.

In 1942, Thomas Sr., Julio’s son, took over control of the restaurant after Julio retired. Thomas Sr. and his wife Olga continued to bring fine service and a fine meal. The restaurant was going well and then the Garden State Racetrack opened nearby and Cinelli’s was busier than ever.

Courier-Post – December 19, 1949

The restaurant continued to be a popular spot for locals throughout the next 30 years.

Courier-Post – October 6, 1950

In 1979, Julio’s grandson and Thomas Sr.’s son Thomas, Jr. took over control of the restaurant. By the mid-1980s the restaurant had hit hard times. Changing tastes and and aging building, along with poor business decision lead to Cinelli’s declaring bankruptcy and closing its doors in 1986. The building was torn down a short later.

3 thoughts on “Cinelli’s Country House – Cherry Hill, New Jersey

  1. I own the Art Deco Gates that greeted guests as they walked into the dinning room at the top of some steps, and was wondering when and where the Cinelli’s found them, or ordered them from France. I do know they were foundered by Edgar Brandt. I have owned them since 1988. If I recall there was also a Bronze door offered the New Hope Pa shop I bought my gates.
    Any Information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.


    Stan Gordon

  2. Stan: My name is Tom Rice and I purchased that Bronze door, as I owned Wessex & Rye Antique store in Franklin TN, but am originally from Bucks Co Pa. My father in law Charles McErlane and his partner Harry Blatstein owned the Blvd. Pools on Tyson and the Blvd in Phila. Cinnellis was my and Macs hangout in the 70,s and early 80.s I sold that door many years ago. It was a beauty. Tom Rice Mt. Dora FL

  3. Does anyone remember or heard about the only big fight there during the 70s involving some of our friends in Cherry Hill??

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