Lest We Forget: President John F. Kennedy’s Last Hour in Dallas

President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed at 12:30pm Central time on Friday, November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. The event shocked and horrified the nation and the world. Companies looking to make money, commercialized the tragedy and quickly rushed out postcards and mementos from that fateful day.

This series of postcards from an unknown publisher is a perfect example of a company in a rush to get items out regardless of quality. These postcards were printed from somebody’s personal photos and made in to a pack of 12 and sold within a few weeks of the tragedy. There is no publisher listed on the cards.

No. 1, Arrival of President’s Escort Plane at Love Field, Dallas, Texas
No. 2. Presidential and Escort Plane at Dallas’ Love Field Landed shortly after this pictures was taken
No. 3, President John F. Kennedy and party leaving airplane at Love Field. (Mrs Kennedy – pink hat)
No. 4, President John F. Kennedy and Party in foreground at Dallas’ Love Field
No. 5, Vice-President Johnson, Governor Connally, Mrs. Kennedy (pink hat), other members of party at Dallas Love Field
No. 6, Vice-President Johnson, Governor John Connally, Presidential Party and Newspaper Men, Love Field, Dallas
No. 7, Forming of Presidential Parade, Love Field, Dallas.
No. 8, After Assassination, TV Unit arrives at Parkland Hospital in Dallas
No. 9, Blood Bank Unit at Parkland Hospital on fatal day, Dallas, Texas
No. 10, Hearse carrying President John F. Kennedy’s body and Mrs. Kennedy from Parkland Hospital back to airplane at Love Field, Dallas.
No. 11. Presidential plane awaiting President Kennedy’s body, Vice-President John and Mrs. Kennedy, for return to Washington, D.C. (Note Presidential seal)
No. 12. Texas School Book Depository building from which authorities believe fatal shots were fired. (Note second window down on right corner of building.)

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      One local resident who added to the assassination literature was John E. Miller who took photos of the arrival of President and Mrs. Kennedy at Love Field and then apparently hot-footed it over to Parkland when the news of the shooting broke. These photos were issued as postcards in 1964 in a packet of 12

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