Chick’n G’lore – Albany, New York

Altamont Enterprise – July 23, 1965

Chick’n G’lore opened at 230 Washington Ave. in Albany, New York in July 1965. Started by Joseph Gadomski, the small, glass-fronted restaurant featured a 10-foot tall chicken in the lobby. Chick’n G’lore offered shrimp, fish, ribs, chicken (of course), and had a business within the business called Pizza G’lore.

Both Chick’n and Pizza G’lore offered free delivery and low prices. One of the more popular options was Pizza G’lore’s permanent buy 4 pizzas get one free special.

The restaurant is gone now. I am not sure when it closed. I know it lasted until at least 1976 and then can’t find anything after that. I don’t know what happened to the rooster. I’d like to think it settled down and lives with his nice family out in the country.

Cook no more – Call Chick’n G’lore!


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