Break…Break…CB Convac Comin’ Your Way

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New weekly column for all you Citizens Band Radio enthusiasts out there on Channel 19 and the other channels. Fellow with the handle of Ink Dipper will bring you the latest ratchet-jawin’ from CB-land. Watch for CB Convoy (sic) every week in this newspaper.


In August 1976, a syndicated column under the name of CB Convac  began to appear in newspapers across the country. The column, written by  Ink Dipper, provided advice, hints and radio etiquette to the tens of thousands of new CB users throughout 1976, 1977 and early 1978.

Ink Dipper was the editor of The CB Times Journal, a newspaper-like magazine for the CB radio enthusiast. I have been hoping to come across some issues of the Journal and if I do I will share the contents with all of you.

I thought it might be fun to share those syndicated columns each week so you can  learn about the strange and sordid world of CB radio.

Starting tomorrow, I will post about 2 or so a week until I get caught up on weeks and then I will post it as close to the 40th anniversary of the original column as possible.

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