CB Convac: Can Sunspots Kill CB?

The following column written by Ink Dipper, appeared in syndicated columns in newspapers during the 3rd or 4th week of September 1976: Will 1978 be the beginning of the end for CBing in America or is that just a cry of “wolf”? We’re not crying wolf, but there is something disturbing ahead for CBing asContinue reading “CB Convac: Can Sunspots Kill CB?”

Ohio Stater Inn – Columbus, Ohio

The Ohio Stater Inn in Columbus, Ohio opened with a ton of fanfare on Friday, May 26, 1961. The 130 room motel was constructed of non-combustible brick, steel, stone, granite, concrete gypsum walls and steel roof deck. Located close to Ohio State University at 2060 North High Street at Woodruff, the Inn was the only motel built withinContinue reading “Ohio Stater Inn – Columbus, Ohio”

Steve’s Gay 90’s – South Tacoma, Washington

Steve’s Gay 90’s restaurant was located at 5238-40 South Tacoma Way in South Tacoma, Washington. Originally known as Steve’s Cafe, the restaurant was opened by Steve Pease and John Stanley in 1941. After a few years of operation the name was changed to better fit its atmosphere and decor. The restaurant offered cocktails and American foodContinue reading “Steve’s Gay 90’s – South Tacoma, Washington”

Close Cover: Seattle Restaurants, Part Two

This is part two in a series of Seattle restaurant matchbooks.  1. Les Brainard’s New Grove Restaurant Les Brainard was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana and came to Seattle during the Great Depression.  He started working in a restaurant, washing dishes and finally earned enough to purchase the restaurant in which he was working. TheContinue reading “Close Cover: Seattle Restaurants, Part Two”

CB Convac: Case for Lowering the CB Age Limit

This syndicated column by Ink Dipper appeared in newspapers in the third week of September, 1976. There is a movement afoot to have the Federal Communications Commission change its rules to permit young people under 18 years of age to obtain a license to operate a Citizens Band Radio. At this writing young operators mustContinue reading “CB Convac: Case for Lowering the CB Age Limit”

Frederick’s of Hollywood 1963 Summer Magic Catalog

Summer Magic features all the latest and greatest looks for Summer 1963. There are dresses, bras (including blow-up bras!), swimwear, and even high heels to look as glamorous (a.k.a. kind of trashy) as possible. The thumbnails will take you back to my flickr page.                 

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