Flintstones Bedrock City - Custer, South Dakota

Bedrock City, located on 30 acres, just outside of Custer, South Dakota, opened in 1966 by two local cement plant owners with an idea to build a replica of the popular Flintstones town of Bedrock.

The town features all the popular characters, their houses, Main Street, a City Hall, a Fire House, a working Cimena, a radio station, grocery store, police department and a Flintstones version of Mt. Rushmore (located nearby) called Mt. Rockmore.

Originally, the town and characters were made of cement but the majority of them have been replaced by fiberglass replicas of the original.

There is also a campground located behind the park that features an arcade, laundry, swimming pool, playground and putt-putt golf course.

Check out Roadside America and the Bedrock City website for more information.